Zithromax (Azithromycin) 1000mg


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Zithromax is also known as Azithromycin tablets, and it is from a class of drugs known as Macroline antibiotics. Note that medicines are effective against bacteria and not viruses. It is a semi-synthetic tablet used for the treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis, middle ear infection, and sinuses. This medication is also effective against many types of sexually transmitted diseases. It is available in generic form.

How to take it?

 Your doctor will make you understand how and how much of Zithromax you should take. You can have this medication with or without food. But if you take it with a glass of milk or food, then you would not feel nauseated. This medicine also comes with a medication guide that contains all the essential information regarding medicine. You should always take this medicine as the doctor prescribes it. You need to follow all the directions that are mentioned in the information leaflet. You should also not make it in large or small amounts than that of prescribed. You should also not take it for longer than recommended. You should also not skip the doses because if you do that, the risks of other infections will increase. If you misuse it, then you might get addicted to it and will suffer. This medication can also cause dependency. After prolonging usage of Azithromycin, this medication might stop working, and in such conditions, you need to inform your doctor. You may also suffer from withdrawal symptoms like headache, nausea, agitation, confusion, etc. if your doctor changes the dosage or would ask you to stop taking it.

Moreover, you should always take Tamiflu through the mouth and you should avoid crushing or chewing it. You can’t get Azithromycin without prescription and can’t share it with someone else. And if your doctor has prescribed it, then you can order Zithromax online.


 You should tell the physician if you ever had jaundice, liver disease, or kidney disease before starting to take this medicine. You also need to make your doctor know if you are allergic to this medication or similar drugs like erythromycin. If you want to know whether this drug is safe for you or not, then you need to let your doctor know if you ever had heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, or myasthenia gravis. Azithromycin is not harmful to the unborn baby but you must inform your doctor if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. The doctor may change the dosage. Researchers are yet to find out whether this medicine passes into breast milk. You should surely let your doctor know if you are breastfeeding.

Where to buy Zithromax online?

Zithromax is easily available over the counter and can also be purchased online. Zithromax 1000 mg is the usual recommended dose. You can buy Zithromax 1000 mg online from reputed online pharmacies, they offer cheap Zithromax pills online. Our website also provides Zithromax but with a valid prescription as it is not advisable to buy Zithromax without prescription. You can surf our website around the clock and purchase Zithromax online. We promise timely delivery and all your medical information is kept confidential. You can trust our website as we sell genuine products without compromising the quality. You can also select the COD option at the payment portal by selecting order Zithromax 1000 mg cod, if you wish to pay at the time of delivery. We offer free deliveries within the US. The US residents can choose to buy Zithromax USA to USA and we try to deliver our customers at the earliest.


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